When Leon Tufenkjian found himself making fine jewellery in his attic in 1909, little did he know history was about to be made.

A young, hardworking man whose uncompromising nature and profound craftsmanship to create jewels is driven by a deep reverence, Leon Tufenkjian opened his first shop in the historical Beirut Gold Souk. From its very first collections, his humble creations marked the beginning of a marvelous journey that welcomed his three sons who later united their forces under “Tufenkjian Frères”.

As young apprentices to their father, the Tufenkjian brothers learned the exacting art and science of precious jewellery making, and brought in their knowledge, independent spirit and experience to an unfeeling jewellery industry.

They understood why unique, quality jewellery is important to individuals in the first place: to celebrate special occasions, commemorate momentous accomplishments, honor the deepest relationships and capture the unspeakable beauty of life and those who matter most.

Uniting the nobility and expertise of jewellery making, the Tufenkjian brothers strived prosperously over the next 50 years, catapulting their reputation of fine and exquisite jewellery in Lebanon and the region.

Of the three Tufenkjian brothers, Yvan, master craftsman and the creative force behind each masterpiece, decided to branch out on his own and follow the footsteps of a new generation of precious jewellery, operating under “Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery”.

A fine jeweler, Yvan Tufenkjian’s passion to bring avant-grarde masterpieces to life is bounded by his personal vision and own ideas. He knows and understands that jewels and gemstones are meant to be kept in tradition, but are not restricted to it. Instead, revolutionary design and intricate craftsmanship embody his creations, with each jewel meticulously handled and carefully crafted to reflect the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures.

Today, the brand is exclusively operated as a family enterprise, with members of the second and third generation working closely together to continue the family’s legacy. The boutique in Downtown Beirut’s Foch Avenue serves as a flagship store for the brand, while a wide collection at Doha’s Lagoona Mall is located in sensational and high-end multi-brand stores.


Driven by the pursuit of excellence, Yvan Tufenkjian’s dynamic creativity is fueled by his unbridled love of magnificent pieces. He is inspired by the power of jewellery and their significance to consumers’ lives – the jewellery that matters, the jewellery we cherish and the jewellery we covet as milestones markers, ardor keepsakes, memory instigators, beauty enhancers and sources of legacy.

Because of this passion and commitment to crafting adornment with as much depth as character and emotion, Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery boasts the unique position of having carved a formidable foothold in the world of jewellery. By blending cultural heritage with modern luxury and sophistication, pieces of arts are designed and manufactured to be identical with the brand’s philosophy, which is to delight wearers who strive for elegance and beauty to be naturally inspired.

His remarkable pieces, well regarded as new, original and different, are the result of groundbreaking styles, ideas and approaches that continue to raise its name as the most exceptional jeweler for all women.

All eternal creations are crafted for women. And all women, as wearers, have a story to tell. Stories of experience. Stories of joy. Stories of love. This vital enterprise is the drive behind the sublime craftsmanship, refinement and connoisseurship that turn Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery into a timeless work of art that is forever paying tribute to feminine elegance, grace and style.

Uniquely Crafted, Individually Designed

The process of creating a jewel begins and ends with Yvan Tufenkjian himself. His drawings, which first take place in his imagination, are passed along to the skilled hands of his designers who work together to evolve them into final sketches.

Once the design process is finalized, raw materials are transformed by a delicate play on colors, cuts, shapes, light and texture, in which forms and proportions reveal their inner artwork and original beauty through a continuous creative process, thus unveiling Yvan Tufenkjian’s know-how from the inside out.

For Yvan Tufenkjian, it is essential that each piece of jewelry is the outcome of skilled craftsmen, embodied with passion and love towards their work in creating what is fine and valuable. His team of artisans, stonecutters, diamond setters and goldsmiths are carefully selected and supervised, ensured to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

He has designed a careful plan to ensure each piece is well screened, controlled and verified before it is revealed in the showroom. Once the piece has gone through this rigorous process, it is stamped to authenticate its design. In this way, the Yvan Tufenkjian signature is an emblem that each and every detail leading to perfection has been spared.  

Excellence in craftsmanship is essential to Yvan Tufenkjian, not only in the sense of manufacturing fine jewellery but also in redefining elevated levels of perfection and highlighting the refinement of personalized, individual styles. Inspired by the endless experiences of everyday life, Yvan Tufenkjian favors unique ways of creating jewellery, independent from industry prejudices and preconceptions.

As a result, Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery is a mirror of perfection that is inspired by the world around it, namely, and by the wearers themselves, particularly.

Jewellery Making in the Age
of Powerful Women

Cherishing the dreams of women and catering to their aspirations, Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery uses its name as a vehicle to empower women and elevate their name in Lebanon and the region.

Inspired by strong women who don’t follow a prescribed pattern for life, the brand is on a quest to initiate its own social mission, set to endorse several key women in order to celebrate female empowerment, compliment feminine strength and inspire self-worth.

The mission serves as a daily reminder for women to stay strong, bold and bright, in the hopes that they will find the same spirit when they wear Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery.

Our Core Values


Excellence in craftsmanship is the brand’s most admired feature. Yvan Tufenkjian employs individuals who treat the brand as they would their own business, thinking and acting with initiative, commitment, and attention to detail. 


As a pioneer and first-mover in the industry, Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery is defined by its rich heritage with a modern outtake.


In today’s world of global branding and mass production, Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery is dedicated to create the world’s most exclusive custom jewellery. We take great pride in the independence of our creative and artistic perspectives.


Yvan Tufenkjian and his team are always on the hunt for the next revolutionary idea. In all our pursuits, we ceaselessly strive for excellence and are driven by innovation and creativity.


Each and every Yvan Tufenkjian Fine Jewellery jewel is a gem to be passed on from generation to another. It presents a unique link between the past, present and future, and is to be treated with utmost respect.